Imports improve productivity and export competitiveness through the highest and best use of local and global resources to maximize productivity. The increased productivity grows trade, which contributes to economic growth.

American Motors Corporation develops and finances auto-industry projects through vertical Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and produces and assembles locally while maximizing resources by importing intermediate parts and components sourced globally.

With the advancement of globalization, the global economy is becoming borderless. In a globalized network, goods will be purchase after a cost and quality analysis determines the optimum product in a prime location.

The borders of the country of operations no longer defines the area for sourcing. Global sourcing allows for procuring parts and components that are the most optimal based on quality, cost, delivery, and engineering capability.

Our value chain consists of product development, engineering, and the assembling of vehicles.

The local production network produces international products that can be exported into the global network.

Using our transnational global networking strategy and with locally customized production, American Motors Corporation outperforms its competitors on nearly every measure: speed to market, cost, and productivity.

The automotive industry is in transition. Economic recessions, new demands for fuel efficiency, hybrid, electric and clean fuel vehicles, maturing manufacturers, concerns and perceptions about vehicle safety, and the restructuring of the US and global automobile manufacturing landscape have increased global competition and changing the landscape of the automotive industry worldwide.

American Motors Corporation is developing, maintaining and expanding the equity of the brand and its customer loyalty.

Strong competition in the automotive parts industry creates a greater importance for OEM and aftermarket manufacturers to distinguish themselves in the parts market. This competition results in a wide range of prices and unique features of parts among aftermarket manufacturers. The quality of some aftermarket parts equals or exceeds OEM products, while other parts companies compete by offering lower-priced products with inferior quality.

American Motors Corporation delivers superior products at a competitive price using on-demand production of its product lines, and an innovative value chain.


AMC United Hangar is the wholly-owned subsidiary and Aviation division of American Motors Corporation.


AMC Hoover Energy is the wholly-owned subsidiary and energy division of American Motors Corporation.


AMC Cooper Motive delivers the world’s most comprehensive and competitive locomotive portfolio in partnership with the industry’ leading partners.


AMC Power Gear supplies reliable, durable, and efficient power solutions for drilling.


AMC Rambler Autonomous is an incorporated joint venture by Lincoln INTELLICHIP and American Motors Corporation dedicated to Smart Mobility.